Admissions, Recruiter Toolbox Capabilities

  • Recruitment Pipeline Tracks School/Program Forecast
  • All Back And Forth Communication Is Automatically Logged
  • E-signature Agreements & Online Application Forms
  • Voice Drop & Voice Message Broadcasting
  • Online Payment System & Bookstore E-commerce
  • Student Syllabus Portal
  • Email & Text Broadcasting
  • Enrollment & Revenue Forecasting
  • Web Traffic Identification With Alerts And Auto Response

Admissions 2.0

Attracting new families to your school while simultaneously retaining the families that are currently enrolled doesn’t happen by accident. As more and more competition arrives in the private school marketplace, word-of-mouth alone isn’t enough to fill your new enrollment and retention requirements. A quality retention strategy must constantly remind your families why they chose your school and reasons to keep their children enrolled in your program. Very important, your families are bombarded with tons of communication every day, how will you be assured that your communication stands out?

The Admissions Toolbox by FunnelMaker provides the most comprehensive communication platform for the education market.

Email Communication

Intelligent Comprehensive Completely Integrated

  • One To One Email
  • One To Many Email
  • Strategic Emails “Clicked”
  • Reports Immediately Who Read or Clicked

Text Communication

Immediate SMS/MMS Dispatch To Parents, Students or All

  • Weather Alerts
  • Event Updates & Changes
  • Inbound Keyword Response
  • Activate Email Delivery of Important Information

Voice Drop

Send Pre-Recorded Voice (Phone) Messages

  • Send One To One Voice Messages
  • Send One To Many Voice Broadcasts
  • Use Voice Drop with Other Communication

Events Manager

Set up Fee or Free Events with Payment Capabilities

  • Unique URL Tracking
  • Targeted Direct Mail
  • Imported Response Tracking
  • Click - Mailing

Parent Portals

Identify Web Traffic - Name, Email & Phone Number*

  • Web Tracking
  • Web Forms To Workflow
  • Scores All Traffic
  • Identifies Approx. 37%